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Does Identity Own Any Part of My Music?
Does Identity Own Any Part of My Music?

You retain full control of your copyright and sync control. Retaining complete ownership of your creative work grants you maximum control.

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No! Identity Music's clients keep 100% of their copyrights!

We offer a publishing administration deal where the songwriter, composer, beatmaker, instrumentalist etc will keep ownership of their copyright. They also have complete creative control. We provide important administration services.

We only request that our clients provide us with the rights to license their works to collection societies around the world during their contract with us.
Music publishing can be a bit of a maze. Royalties, especially "mechanical" ones, are harder to grab for solo artists without a publishing administration service helping to track and retrieve the earnings.

Some music publishers take ownership of a portion of your rights. Often, this does mean that they get to play matchmaker for your tunes and where and when they might appear in movies, TV and commercials etc.

Most importantly, as a publishing administrator, we do not and will not ever take any ownership or control of your copyright.


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