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Who Are The Top Ten PROs
Who Are The Top Ten PROs

PROs (Performance Rights Organisation) - This is based on several key metrics like size, global reach, revenue generated & influence.

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Performing Rights Organisations, commonly known as PROs, help songwriters, composers and artists collect Performance Royalties.

This is just a glimpse of the PRO landscape. Many smaller but equally vital organisations exist worldwide, catering to specific regions, genres, or niches in the music industry.

Choosing a PRO depends on your specific needs and career goals as a songwriter, composer, artist, beatmaker or producer. Check out some of the major PROs listed below and find out more about who covers your regions!

(American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers)

Country: United States

(Broadcast Music Inc.)

Country: United States

(Society of European Stage Authors & Composers)

Country: United States

(American Music Rights Association)

Country: United States/Global

(Music Copyright Society of China)

Country: China

(Japanese Society Rights of Authors, Composers & Publishers)

Country: Japan

(Society for Musical Performing & Mechanical Reproduction Rights)

Country: Germany

(The Indian Performing Right Society Limited)

Country: India

PRS for Music
(Performing Right Society)

Country: United Kingdom

(Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers)

Country: France


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