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Creating and Uploading to a Vevo Channel?
Creating and Uploading to a Vevo Channel?

How to upload music to Vevo? How to create a Vevo Channel? Getting a Vevo Channel.

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How can I set up a Vevo Channel?

In order to set up a Vevo Channel, you will firstly need to complete a request. You can request a channel by contacting our client management team.

Sean Dampte Official VEVO Channel

First and foremost, the only information we would require in order to begin the set up of your Vevo Channel is the name you would like to use on the platform. Inform us of your preferred name in order to kick start the creation of your channel. In the meantime, you can put together all of the remaining information for your channel.

All of the information you can upload to your Vevo Channel:

  • Vevo Channel Name - format: ‘ArtistNameVevo’.

  • Channel Description (Optional)

  • Channel Keywords (Optional)

  • Featured Channels (Optional)

  • Channel Banner Image URL (Optional)

  • Channel Profile Image URL (Optional)

With your Vevo Channel Setup, you can finally submit your first video! Don’t know how to upload a music video? Check out below!

Initially in submitting your video to Vevo it is important that you have prepared all of the required information and necessary files. In addition to this be sure to check out this article for more detailed information about video specifications.

Once you are confident that you have prepared your video in accordance with Vevo’s specifications, you can request the Video Upload Form from your account manager. Alternatively, you can request the form via our support team using the website chat window.

All of the requirements for a Vevo Channel Video Upload:

  • Video Title - The Video title is usually the same as your Track title.

  • Artist Name - Your Artist name for the video release.

  • Vevo Channel URL

  • UPC of Song - The UPC for the audio release of the track you've distributed with us you can find this in the "Assets > Albums" section on the dashboard.

  • ISRC of Song - The ISRC for the audio release of the track you've distributed with us, you can find this in the "Assets > Tracks" section on the dashboard.

  • The Genre of Track - Please Include the Genre of your track.

  • Video File - You will need to correctly prepare your video files by following the Vevo guidelines which can be found here.

  • Thumbnail File URL - Your Thumbnail image must be at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

  • Release Date - This is the date your video will go live. For a guaranteed date, it needs to be over 7 days from the submission.

  • Release Time - Give a release time for the video please also provide a TimeZone.

  • Copyright Information - Copyright Year and Rights Holder Information has to be provided. Format: © 2020 RIGHTSHOLDERNAME (© 2020 Identity Music)

Do you still have questions? Contact us by completing this contact form or by clicking on the support chat button on the website. (Video below to show how)

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