Pandora For Artists

Pandora AMP is a suite of products and programs that connects artists and fans. AMP is designed to support artists of every size at every point in the campaign cycle. The Insights and Marketing Tools enable an artist to know their fans, market to their fans, and engage their fans.

How Does 'Pandora For Artists - AMP Playbook' help you reach your goals as a musician?

  1. Grow your audience

    Use powerful insights about your audience to get your music in front of more fans.

  2. Earn More Money

    Promote your music, shows, merch, and more.

  3. Share Your Perspective

    Create interactive stories using your voice and Pandora’s catalogue.


ARTIST STAGES - "We benchmark every artist, from Undiscovered to Epic, based on their social and streaming audiences."

METRIC PERFORMANCE - "We make it easy to see how every artist is performing and visualize the growth of each metric."

AUDIENCE MAP - "We show you where your artist’s fans are growing across the U.S when you connect Pandora AMP."

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