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Spotify Delivery Guidelines
Spotify Delivery Guidelines
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To ensure that your deliveries to Spotify are received and expected to show live in a timely manner we must ensure the correct delivery specifications are followed.

The delivered release must be a complete product Spotify expects that the initial delivery should be same as you would expect the release to be shown when live.
The artwork, audio and metadata should be the finalized versions in the initial delivery, in some cases where a file may be corrupt or other technical fault we may be able to update this after the initial delivery.

Initial Delivery:

Your initial release deliver should be delivery at last 5 business before the expected live date.


Updates should be delivered at least 2 business days before their expected live date.
You should expect updates to be showing live 48 hours after they have been delivered.

Please note you should also allow time for your release to be screened and processed by our team we aim to review releases within 72 hours.

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