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Payee Revenue Share - Common Questions
Payee Revenue Share - Common Questions
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Over the coming weeks, we will be updating these 'Common Questions' in order to provide you with as much information as possible.

What Information do you need to create a split?

  • The payee name(s)

  • The payee email address(es)

  • The payee’s revenue share percentage of the track.

Who Has Access To Create Payee Revenue Shares?

Any user within your Identity Music Dashboard with an assigned role of “Administrator” will have access to create a Payee Revenue Share for a distributed release.

What If Amendments Are Required To A Created Payee Revenue Share?

Once a Payee Revenue Share has been saved, it can not be amended! If you have entered the incorrect revenue split &/or Artist Name &/or Artist Email please complete the following: Royalties Split/Share Update Form

If you believe the amendment(s) required are complex please contact our Client Management Team via email or live chat.

Who Will Receive Confirmation That The Payee Revenue Share Was Created?

  1. The person who created the split

  2. Each Payee that has been listed to receive a revenue share.

Where Can I View The Payee Revenue Splits Once They Have Been Created?

Once the Payee Revenue splits are created, you can see the payee, email and share percentage within the “track split” when viewing a release. Temporarily, you will not be able to view any Payee Revenue splits that were created by the Identity Music Team. This is currently being rectified.

When A Track Is Featured Within A Single & Album Does The Split Need To Be Completed For Both Releases On The Dashboard?

Yes, All Payee Revenue shares are saved according to the release ID rather than the ISRCs for the release. You will need to create a Payee Revenue split with the track on both the Single and Album or EP release.

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