How To Create A Payee Revenue Share For A Track

In order to add a split to a release, it must be distributed to music platforms!

In order to add a split to a release, you must be using the new dashboard version.

Find The Track You Want To Add The Payee Revenue Share To 🔎

Log into your distribution account with IDM > Select the “Assets” tab, and then the “Music” tab. Then select the release that you would like to add to the Payee Revenue Share.

When viewing the release that you would like to add the Payee Revenue Share to, select “Track Splits” on the left-hand sidebar and then “Add Splits” in the top right-hand corner.

Add The Payee Revenue Share To The Dashboard ✍️

Select the specific track in order to add the split and complete the following details:

  • The payee name(s)

  • The payee email address(es)

  • The payee’s revenue share percentage of the track.

Repeat this again for each Payee who requires a share of the revenue. Ensure to include yourself in the percentages to receive a share of the revenue for the release.

🎉If you want to create the same splits across an entire release, you can easily do so by Selecting all of the tracks on the release to that you would like the same split applied. Then select "Option" then "+ Add Splits" 🎉

Check The Details You Have Entered 💯

Once you have listed all collaborators that require a share of the revenue for the track, and the total percentage for the splits is equal to 100, continue to “Create Splits” to save the details you have entered and generate the Payee Revenue Share.

Confirm The Details Of The Payee Revenue Share

Once you have requested the Payee Revenue Share to be generated, you will be asked to confirm you accept full responsibility for the details you have provided.

As this is a new process we have also put together a list of the FAQ we receive to help! Check out the common questions we are asked here;

If you have anything else that you would like to speak to our team about please do get in touch with our Client Management Team.

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