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How much will distribution cost me?
How much will distribution cost me?

What are the costs to distribute my music? How much does it cost? How much money is distribution? Upfront Fees? Royalty Splits?

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When you are looking for music distribution it is important to consider costs! So many mass distributors will charge you fees when you want to sign up, every time you release tracks and sometimes, even more, depending on which platforms you want to release your music to.

You can rest assured that here at Identity Music we believe that the first person to earn from their music should always be you!

Want to know Identity Music's distribution costs?

We are invested in your success rather than earning prior to your success! Yes, it is true. No more working out your fees like:

We have NO SIGN-UP FEES. Why would we ask you to pay us before seeing how much our service works for you?

We have NO RELEASE LIMIT. We encourage our artists to release as many tracks as they like! The more tracks you release, the more people will hear your music, the more money you will earn and comparatively the more you can invest in your music career!

We never charge you additional fees to release your music to the major platforms! Distribute your music to your favourite platforms, the most popular music platforms, equally on every platform!! We just want to get your music out to everywhere you want it.

What Do you Get For Your Money?

  • Distribution to over 60 music distribution platforms (CLICK HERE FOR FULL LIST)

  • Rights Management to protect you and your music

  • Access to request promotion from our In-House Promotion Team

  • Opportunity's to pitch your release for sync promotions

  • Client management team to assist with your distribution needs

  • Access to an innovative dashboard to review all of your music statistics

We are not a mass distribution company, we invest our time into our clients! We support our artists and labels to reach their potential as a matter of fact we take a royalty split from the tracks distributed with us to show that we are partnered with our artists. To find out more about the royalty split, contact our A&R Team today! You can rest assured that together with Identity Music, you will always have a lion's share of your royalties.

Are you ready to push your music career to the next level? Apply now by completing our application form our team will be in touch after reviewing your music within the next 7 working days.

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