When will my music be distributed?

How long will my release take? When will my music get online? What is the time frame for distribution?

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At Identity Music, we understand that the sooner your music is released, the sooner it will be heard.

That’s why when a distribution client uploads a track to the client portal, it is approved and distributed by us within 3 working days. After this, your track then goes to the streaming platforms for approval before they go live.

We have fast turnarounds with all of our partner music services. The timeframe for approval varies on each platform and it can be anywhere from instant to 7 working days after Identity Music has distributed your music.

When you distribute your track with us, you have two options: You can either set the track to distribute “As soon as possible” or you can select “A future release date”.

Your First Release With Identity Music

We understand that you are excited for your first release with Identity Music... Or maybe even your first release ever! We work closely with you for your first release to ensure that all of your profiles are set up correctly and claim all of your royalties.

When it comes to your first release we advise that you allow 2 weeks for your music to go live after we approve your music. Allowing the extra time-frame for the first release will ensure that all your future releases run more smoothly.

As Soon As Possible:

When you choose to distribute “ASAP” it is important to remember the release time is dependent on the platform you are distributing to. This means if you chose the ASAP release option your track may go live to platforms at different times.

Here at Identity Music, providing it is approved, we will release your track within three working days. It is then up to the individual platforms to approve your track to go live. This could happen instantly or take up to 7 working days. Each platform has its own time-frame to account for, and your release will be processed accordingly.

A Future Release Date

We always recommend choosing a future release date. This allows you time to tease your track with your fans and get them excited for the release! By doing this, you are likely to increase the popularity of your music and boost your streams. You are able to choose a specific future release date and time to suit you. We would recommend a release date at least 1 week after your music has been approved. This period also provides a margin of error to avoid any delays from your platform. The last thing you want is disappointed fans!

Promotional Tools

We are here to help you as much as possible with the distribution of your music, one of the additional services that we offer, free of charge, is the creation of a pre-save Link or Fan Link that you can use to promote your track.

A fan link provides your fans with a shortcut to your track on all of your streaming services in one place. This is perfect for your bio on Instagram/ Facebook to get the word out about your release.

With a pre-save link you can invite your fans to save your music on the platforms that they prefer to use before the track has gone live!

If you would like to request a fan-link or pre-save link, free of charge contact your A&R manager.

You can find more information on our music distribution services here.

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