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Who will own the music when distributing?
Who will own the music when distributing?

Am I signing over the rights to my music to Identity Music?

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Who will own the music when distributing?

Here at Identity Music, we appreciate that your music was created and developed by you. With that, we know that you should get to keep all the rights to your tracks. After all, your music should remain YOUR music.

We don’t use old-school publishing agreements in which you are asked to give up some, or all, of your copyrights. We are here to help you, not take from you. We know that by keeping the rights to your music, you are able to keep control!

That’s why, when you distribute with Identity Music, you retain 100% of the rights to your music. The only rights you are providing to Identity Music is to distribute your music and collect your royalties on your behalf.

We provide digital rights management services as part of our distribution agreement, to ensure that your music is also protected from any unauthorised use.


Music rights are used to ensure that the owners of musical works are compensated properly. Using copyright protection, artists can safeguard their work from improper use.

If you are distributing a track with Identity Music, you must ensure that you have the correct permissions to be distributing. This means that you must have the music license permitting you to use the sample, or own the copyright for the sound recording.

Any distributed track must be set up so that the copyright owners are compensated with the royalties they are owed.

Submissions made to streaming platforms are monitored carefully by their legal teams. It is not possible for you to get away for not setting the permissions up correctly, and if you are caught can lead to negative repercussions against your account. It is never worth the risk!

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