Why has my song been returned?

Usually distribution is approved within 2-3 working days, but sometimes your music may be returned to you.

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While the majority of the tracks uploaded by Identity Music clients are approved within 2-3 working days, sometimes your music may be returned to you if we believe the music platforms will not approve it.

Why would DSP's not approve my release?

The most common reason that a track will be returned is due to incorrect metadata. When the metadata which is sent to us is wrong, we will have to return the upload to avoid the track being rejected by the platform. The platform may refuse to put the track up the moment they receive it or they may take the track down after a month or so. Either way, we don't want your tracks to disappear from your fan's playlists.

What would count as incorrect metadata?

There are many things that can be referred to as incorrect metadata, here are some of the common errors that we see:

Artwork vs Metadata differences is the most common inconsistency that we see when reviewing clients' tracks. Check that the spelling is correct and matching across both your metadata and artwork.

Artists and Features are not being submitted both on the 'Main Information' for your release and on the 'Track Information'. If you list a feature in the main track information, it is also important to credit them on the track information when uploading your release to the client portal.

Any inconsistencies with the metadata will cause our Operations Team to return your release to you for review.

Once you send us a track to distribute, it will be passed over to our Operations Team for inspection and approval. The best way of getting your music online and approved the first time is to ensure that all the metadata is correct and that you have the right licensing for your music. In most cases when you submit the right data, songs pass the approval stage and are sent over to the music streaming services with no hold-ups.

If you are unsure whether you have the licensing and metadata set up correctly, please contact our Client Management Team and we will be happy to help you!

What happens if we return music?

If we have to return the track to you, we will always provide you with a reason and note alongside the return to allow you to rectify and resubmit.

The attached note would explain the reason that the track was sent back and how to resolve any issue. In order to get the track approved and ready for your fans, we would advise that you check this information prior to attempting re-submission.

We are here to help you with your music distribution, grow your fanbase and maintain a strong image as an artist. We work with a lot of great online music platforms and want to work with you to avoid any hold-ups or future errors in delivering your music to your fans.

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