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What is MCPS? What is PRS?
What is MCPS? What is PRS?

What is the difference between PRS and MCPS?

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Explaining MCPS and PRS

Publishing Administration can be overwhelming for musicians, but PRS and MCPS are here to support songwriters, producers and composers to get paid for their contributions towards a song.

Who are MCPS and PRS

Who are PRS? (Performing Right Society)

PRS collects and pays outperforming royalties when works are:

  • performed live

  • broadcast on TV or radio

  • played in public

  • streamed online

  • used in film

Who are MCPS? (Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society)

MCPS collects and distributes mechanical royalties on behalf of its members.

This includes works that are:

  • commercially released by a record company on a CD, DVD or LP

  • recorded and used by a radio or TV programme

  • recorded and used for an audio-visual or multimedia production used online

PRS for Music and MCPS Logos

PRS distributes royalties four times a year, whereas MCPS makes distributions every month. Membership of MCPS is separate from PRS, and if you are not working with a publisher, you may need to consider joining MCPS if your works are used this way.


Want to distribute your music with us? Submit your application here or contact us by clicking on the support chat button on the website. (Video below to show how).

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