Can I release a cover song?

More information about distributing cover music.

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Yes, it is possible for you to release a cover song. We love cover songs! Nothing brings more nostalgia than listening to a classic 90s pop track with a new EDM twist.

But, if you would like to release a cover, you need to bear in mind that you will need a license or permission from the original copyright owners to release a cover.

In order to distribute a track through Identity Music, artists and labels should obtain the correct license for themselves. It is not possible for Identity Music to distribute any cover music for you until we have confirmed proof that you have purchased the appropriate licenses.

Q - Is Identity Music able to provide the license or permission on their behalf?

A- Unfortunately not. It is a bit inconvenient however this is to cover yourself. You don't want people chasing you for money that you may owe them for not providing the correct license or permission.

It is highly important that you do not attempt to bypass the rights and permission aspect of submission. If you submit a cover, ensure you have the right protection. Any submissions to our partners that contain unlicensed content will be identified and removed and risk legal action from the owning party.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS DUE TO CHANGE IN THE COMING MONTHS. SOON, IDENTITY MUSIC WILL BE ABLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH THE LICENSE OR PERMISSIONS TO RELEASE COVERS SONGS! - If you would like to wait until we are able to provide this service to release cover songs you are more than welcome.

For further guidance or to start your release journey, contact the team using the online chat window detailed below.

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