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How can I view my music trend reports?
How can I view my music trend reports?

Trend Reports for my music, Can I view my music stats, Viewing my money earnt

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How can I view my music trend reports?

At Identity Music we understand that it is important for you to be able to view your trends and reports so that you can watch your music grow.

Within our client portal, you will have access to a wide amount of data that can help you break down where your music is growing and where you may need to improve for your new release.

You are able to view a large number of trends on a daily basis!

You can monitor your streams or downloads for all of the following platforms:

iTunes, iTunes Match, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, SoundCloud with more coming soon including UMA, YouTube and Pandora.

You can view which tracks are performing the best of all of your releases.

P.s if you are a label you can also view which of your artists are performing the best.
You can see which countries have the widest audience for streaming or downloads.

And you can do all of these comparing your current stats to previous days, weeks, months or even years.

Revenue is at the top of most musicians report checklist!

You want to know where your money is coming from so you can keep doing it right?

Right! This is why at Identity Music we ensure all of your revenue is crystal clear. You can see how much you have earnt in total as well as breaking it up according to the music platform, countries, releases, and formats.

P.s if you are a label you can break it up per artist too.


If you are a label, you will be pleased to hear that we have an inbuilt leaderboard! This can help you know which of your artists are getting the most streamings and downloads!


A big part of becoming a successful artist is getting your music heard all over the world! This is why at Identity Music we give you an individual breakdown on where over the globe your music is most popular. This can help you know which countries are being introduced to your sound and which you may want to advertise to more.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us by completing this contact form or equally by clicking on the support chat button on the website. (Video below to show how)


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