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Apple Music For Artists

What Is Apple Music For Artists? Why Do I Need Apple Music For Artists?

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Apple Music For Artists

Do you want to understand everything that makes you successful?

Apple Music For Artists is an essential service for every aspiring musician. The artist hub gives you access to useful data for every track you have distributed to Apple Music and helps you to manage important data that impacts your music career.

Why Do I Need Apple Music For Artists?

Apple Music equips every artist with the data and tools they need to develop and push forward in their career.

Discover the routes of discovery. Find out where your listeners find you, which playlists are driving your plays and which of your songs are getting shazamed!

Manage Your Profile. Upload your own custom artist imagery to capture you as an artist and brand your presence your way.

Identify Milestones. Get milestones and all-time best report summaries with easy access.

Understand Your Audience. View breakdowns and analyse who is listening to your music, where they are and what else they listen to!

How Can I Get An Apple Music For Artists Account?

Apple Music For Artists gives you access to vital data about your online performance. In order to access it, you will need to verify your identity and prove you have the authority to access the account.

If you distribute to Apple Music through Identity Music, we can help you get access to Apple Music For Artists quicker. We are a trusted partner of many digital music platforms, including Apple Music, so we can add extra authority to your applications and give you a boosted indicator of trust.

More than that, as a trusted partner we can bring you priority access to all of their newest tools and developments and help you boost your platform presence.

Contact our Client management team to discuss how to claim your platform account in the best way.

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