Spotify For Artists

If you distribute with identity music, you can gain access to Spotify For Artist, a platform designed to be a one-stop-shop for helping you to take control of your digital presence and improve your Spotify performance.

Without a doubt, Spotify is one of the biggest global players in digital music. They have more than 375 million monthly listeners from across the globe and position their selves as an ally to artists.

Spotify for Artists gives you access to improved insights, data and facilities that help you understand your fans better and drive music discovery. There are tonnes of useful features that every artist should take advantage of.

What Can I Do On Spotify For Artists?

  • Access Improved Audience Insights. Spotify gives you data on your listeners, who they listen to, how they discovered your music and more. When coupled with the advanced insights and analytics you receive in your Identity Music dashboard, you can understand how your audience works and tailor your strategy.

  • Access Profile Tools. You can create custom bios and image galleries that showcase exactly who you want to be. You can even drive discovery to your other platforms by sharing your social media links to your Spotify profile.

  • Access Promo Cards. Spotify creates Promo Cards for you that help you share big announcements such as follower milestones, chart milestones, playlist features and release badges. These are perfect for sharing your news with fans everywhere!

  • Add Team Members. Perfect for labels and bands. You can add team members to help contribute to your Spotify For Artists.

How Can I Access Spotify For Artists?

You will need to have distributed music through Identity Music to Spotify in order to claim your Spotify for Artists profile. You are not able to do this before distributing.

Once your release is live your account can be set up and we can get to work on claiming your artist profile and playlist pitching.

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