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Uploading Your Music For Distribution
Uploads and Limitations with Identity Music
Uploads and Limitations with Identity Music

How many uploads do you offer? Do you have Upfront Fees? Do you offer music promotion services? Your FAQs answered here.

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As a musician, you are more than likely to have a thousand questions around selling your music online, how it will help your career and what limitations each company has when distributing your music. It is important that you ask all of these questions to any distributor before choosing to go ahead. Why? You don’t want to be three months into distributing what could be your greatest track and think ‘have I chosen the wrong distributor’.

At Identity Music we pride ourselves on our customer service and always doing right by our artists. We want you to know exactly what we can and can’t do for you! Here are the top questions to ask any music distribution company and our answers:

Do you have upfront fees?

At Identity Music, we have zero upfront fees! A lot of musicians at the start of their career don’t have fees upfront, we don’t want to limit your ability to release your sound. With no startup fees and no track fees, you can release your music without it costing you the world.

How many tracks can you upload?

When distributing your music with Identity Music, we understand that it is important that all of your music gets heard. We DO NOT have a cap on how many music uploads you can have at any one time. The more times your music is listened to, the more money you will earn. You are able to upload AS MUCH of your music AS YOU WANT on as many of our distribution platforms as you like.

What if I need help with a release?

We provide all of our artists with a manager to take care of any distribution questions you may have. They will always be on hand to talk you through a problem or help you with a release. We also have a live chat on our website that you are more than welcome to message, someone will be able to talk to you through our client portal.

Alternatively, give us a call on 01732 783535.

What other services do you provide?

A lot of distributors just offer distribution services however at Identity Music we provide you with a free digital rights management service along with your digital music distribution to ensure your music stays where you want it. To read more about our digital right services click here.

Along with distribution and digital rights services we also offer our artists with a free promotional support. We are truly invested in our artist's success. To read more about our promotional support click here.

Can I switch from another distributor?

Yes, sometimes your first choice is not the right choice. If you decide another distributor is a better fit for you, you can request track linking to move your music over to your new distribution company. Track linking allows you to keep all of the stats from your current release so your fans won’t even notice a transfer.

Still have questions?

Head over to the online chat using the blue button in the corner! Our team would be happy to help!

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