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What Promotion Does Identity Music Offer?
What Promotion Does Identity Music Offer?

Can my music be placed in a editorial playlist? Music Promotion

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Artists who distribute their music with Identity Music can benefit from a plethora of promotional services to help take their releases to the next level.

We do not promote releases from other distribution companies.

Here at Identity Music, we offer our signed artists the opportunity to request promotion on their releases either prior to the release or after the release date.

Our promotion services come at no additional charge to our artists! We invest in our client's success, sharing with them the rollercoaster journey of being an artist. Our marketing team approves artists' promotion requests on a weekly basis in order to keep our artist's in the spotlight.

What promotional services do you offer?

Pre-Saves and Fan Links - Promoting your music to all of your fans at once is not easy as each of your fans will be listening to your music across different platforms. Pre-saves and Fan Links make this easier for you. They provide your listeners with one link that can take them to any music platform that you distribute to as well as your social media. Now one link in your bio will be enough! Get your music to your fans fingertips and make it easy for them to listen to your new release.

Editorial Playlists - The playlists that everyone wants, yes, we can help. Editorial Playlists are curated by music platforms to help artists get their music out to a wider audience. These playlists are normally the most popular on each platform. If you are looking to get your music in these playlists, get your requests in early. Many platforms have deadlines to pitch 6 weeks prior to the track's release. We can pitch your release across multiple platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Deezer and many more.

Sync Promotion opportunities - We offer some fantastic promotion opportunities where your track could be in an advert of a well known brand, if you'd like for us to put you forward for this please let our Client management team know. When these opportunities come in we will send you an email, so keep an eye on your inbox!

Social Media Coverage - From posts to stories to countdowns to teasers, Identity Music can promote it all on our own social media platforms. This will help your story be seen by more industry-leading, musicians and potential fans.

All of our promotion requests are at the discretion of our marketing team.


Want to distribute your music with us? Submit your application here or contact us by clicking on the support chat button on the website. (Video below to show how).

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