How do I ensure that my music goes to the correct Apple Music/Itunes or Spotify Profile when distributing with Identity Music?

If your music is already on Spotify or Apple Music/iTunes, you are able to submit your Artists ID's for Apple Music/Itunes or Spotify when uploading your release to the Identity Music dashboard.

This will ensure that your music is distributed to the correct profile.
(You can also do this on your artist profile within your Identity Music dashboard)

Where on your dashboard account can you add your Artist Profile IDs?

Within your dashboard account, you can add your Artist Profile IDs for yourself as an artist or if you are a label, you can add the IDs for all of your artists within the artist section.

Rights Holders > Artists > Artist Name > About Section >
Scroll down to the Artist Profile ID section.

When distributing a release, where can you add your Artist Profile IDs?

When uploading a new release, on the first page (01 Main Info) you have a section titled artists where you can add your Artist Profile IDs, this will be at the end of your URL.

If you do not already have an artist profile, select “No” in order to create a new profile for yourself as an artist.

IMPORTANT: The artist ID you indicate MUST correspond to the name of the artist you are indicating it for AND the name must be spelt EXACTLY the same way as on the music service’s artist profile page please be aware this is also Case sensitive. Indicating the wrong artist ID may cause delays in processing your release and result in the termination of your account.

Here’s how to retrieve your Artist Profile IDs

  1. Open the web version of Spotify and/or Apple Music.

  2. Search for the artist and click on their name to go to their page.

  3. Check the music on the page to make sure you are on the right artist profile page.

  4. Look at the URL in the browser’s bar at the top.
    The profile ID is the last part (in bold below). Copy-paste this part into the artist ID field.

    If you have any further questions about this please do contact the Client management team and they will be able to show you in further detail. Or by clicking on the support chat button on the website. (Video below to show how):

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