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Transferred Releases Royalties Revenue
Transferred Releases Royalties Revenue

I have recently transferred some previously released music to Identity Music for distribution. When can I expect to receive royalties?

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When can I expect to receive royalties for releases I have transferred to Identity Music?

Identity Music provides payments and royalty analytics once a month. However, for releases you are transferring from other distributors, this is a little more complicated.

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Identity Music recommends that you allow at least four to six weeks for your release track link when transferring from your old music distributor to our systems.

Why Is Four - Six Weeks Required To Track-Link My Releases?

Allowing your release to track-link for six weeks will preserve important information such as total streams & playlist placements on the tracks. From our experience, releases that do not remain track-linking for the recommended four to six weeks receive temporary diminishing effects on Radio Streams on Spotify.

Who Will Provide My Earnings During My Release Track Linking?

During the track-linking period for your release, your previous distributor will still be responsible for all royalty earnings. Only when takedowns are issued by your old distributor will Identity Music be responsible for collecting your royalties.

Payment Dates At Identity Music?

Identity Music Ltd will account for and pay you on a monthly basis, Within 45 days of the end of each calendar month.

Example Of Time Frames:

1st June 2022: You upload & distribute a single from a previous distributor.
Four To Six Weeks To Complete Track Linking (To Keep Your Streams)
1st July 2022 - 15th July 2022: You could safely issue takedowns on your old distribution dashboard.

Any royalties earnt from the single prior to your previous distributor taking down the asset on their dashboard would be provided by your previous distributor. Identity Music will be responsible for collecting your track earnings the moment your previous distributor has confirmed takedowns from their system.

Late July 2022 would be when this single could earn royalties via Identity Music.

Your first payment for the transferred single would be on the 15th September 2022. (Your monthly earnings for this single would recur after this on the 15th each month).

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